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Educational objectives

The priority of the PhD is to form young researchers in the keystone subjects in the field: Business Administration; Business Management;  Financial Intermediaries Management.

The topics dealt with are transversal to the aforementioned disciplinary areas, as throughout the course the business system will be broken down into vital spheres, each with a fundamental function in assigning competitiveness to the system itself.

When given in a context that is multi-disciplinary, state-of-the-art, and with a  strong quality: quantity ratio, education is aimed at promoting and giving value to a series of skills at the end of its cycle: aptitude towards research and application of theoretical models to management processes, critical spirit, thirst for debate.

The themes of the PhD curriculum are designed following EU FRAMEWORK PROGRAM 7 and HORIZON 2020, especially in terms of applying digital innovation management to business administration. There is an emphasis on the link between innovation and tradition that, especially in the business administration field, is an essential condition for medium-short term competitiveness. This has contributed to significant evolution in the subjects of the PhD program. The professional outcome guaranteed to the Doctor may be both in the academic and the corporate world.

The attractiveness of the PhD program through time may be proven by different objective elements, including:

- the degree of corporate involvement, in various sectors of and of different sizes, through the promotion of PhD scholarships, both in public and private environments;

- the level of internationalization, both in terms of students and in terms of faculty. First of all, a rich group of students of different nationalities was attracted to the PhD program due to its scientific importance. Furthermore, the faculty boasts the presence of a series of foreign Professors with an illustrious research background, as shown by their publications;

- the high-profile training offered at the end of the education cycle: this is demonstrated by the current professional profiles of the alumni of our PhD program.

The course encompasses a wide spectrum of applications by being, essentially:

• a fundamental training step for young researchers, with multi-disciplinary skills in the economics and business sector, capable of adequately supporting executive processes in corporate management;

• a University-Corporate meeting point, with the firepower to become a state-of-the-art melting pot for theoretical development and implementation of executive choices. The PhD program thus becomes a place where companies may express and satisfy their search for know-how, with the course always running in strict cooperation with the various sectors of the corporate world;

• a cradle for researchers able to discuss, with a critical spirit and intellectual curiosity, with the international science community, giving a contribution to the study and evolution of the economics and management subject matters.

With a framework solidly based upon the said subjects, as well as a customized design, the PhD program aims to project the student in a professional world calling for the research methods applied to main corporate functions including business strategy and management, finance and production departments, and administration.


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