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Professional outcome

The roles covered by alumni are the proof that the course has the ability to form Doctors with skills that may be used both in the university research and in the corporate field, both nationally and internationally. Looking at the university environment, our students have become research assistants and research fellows. In the corporate sector, they carry out research functions finalized towards approval of new products, development of international research agreements, management, and administration of cultural heritage in the corporate governance field. The training phase, performed in a multi-disciplinary context and with a good quality/quantity ratio, is designed to promote and foster a series of skills possessed at the end of the education cycle, including but not limited to intellectual curiosity, critical spirit, craving for discussion, and research aptitude.

Completion of the education cycle allows the Doctor of Business and Management to take on a series of skills with the company and its management as their common denominator. The student will acquire knowledge of administration, management, and organization aspects of companies on a scientific level, and will possess a background founded on socio-economic and quantitative analysis.


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